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Partnership between CHPG – Government of Monaco Two doctors and a nurse from the developing countries currently on a training course in Monaco

Partenariat CHPG – Gouvernement Princier - Deux médecins et un infirmier issus de pays en développement actuellement en stage à Monaco

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The Princess Grace Hospital has introduced a long-term training programme for the nursing staff working in public hospitals in the Monegasque Cooperation’s partner countries. Two house doctors from Mali and Madagascar are currently on a training course in the gastro-enterology and medical imaging departments. A Nigerian operating theatre nurse has just joined them.

This partnership with the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) provides the Monegasque Cooperation with the means of strengthening the skills of nursing staff in its partner countries, mainly the LDCs (Least Developed Countries).

Once they have completed their training in the Principality, the interested parties pledge to rejoin their original hospital for a 4-year period and in turn to train the staff on site.

As part of this scheme, two house doctors and a nurse are presently on a long-term training course (7 to 12 months) at the CHPG:
        · Doctor Cisse, a house doctor from Mali, in Professor Rampal’s gastro-enterology department;
        · Doctor Handry Roussel Herijoelison, a Madagascan house doctor, in the medical imaging department under the responsibility of Professor Brunetton;
        · Mr Issoufou Mamane, an operating theatre nurse from the Niamey National Hospital (Niger).

Two surgeons in orthopaedics and cardiology will also come to improve their skills for a one-year period at the CHPG at the end of the year.

The signing of a training period agreement between the management of the original public institution, the management of the CHPG and the trainee provides a framework for these trainees.

Once in the Principality, the Monegasque Cooperation provides a training grant, accommodation and health insurance.

A few words
    Seydou-Oumar-Cisse, Malian Doctor on a training course at the CHPG for the second time, who is completing his training in diagnostic endoscopy
    “When I returned to my country, I put the experience I had gained into practice. However, taking into the account interventional needs, I was offered the opportunity of attending a second course, which was more specialised in this particular field.
    I didn’t give it a second thought knowing the quality of both the team and the training.
    It is a unique opportunity for my country and for Africa – we have a huge need for staff and equipment. We don’t have the same technological means as here, but we do a lot with a little".

    Andry Roussel Herijoelison, Madagascan Doctor
    “My speciality is radiology. I am on a training course in the imaging department: ultrasound, x-rays, scan. I was given an extremely warm welcome. The whole team is approachable and kind, especially the doctors specialised in ultrasound who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience. I followed this training as there is a terrible lack of specialists in radiology in Madagascar, which is what motivated me. Back in my country, I want to share my experience with others and put into practice everything I have learnt here”.

    Doctors Seydou-Oumar-Cisse and Andry Roussel Herijoelison, Nurse Issoufou
    copyright Charly Gallo /Press Centre

    Department of External Relations
    Office of International Cooperation (+377 98 98 44 88)

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