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"Three questions for Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Monaco Yacht Club"


What are the main events planned for the Tuiga centenary celebrations?

On the occasion of our flagship’s 100th birthday, from the 16th to the 20th September 2009, we wish to record the Principality’s maritime heritage: in 1862, it welcomed the first regattas, and was the venue for the first motorboat meetings.
We will also pay homage to the ship’s owners. To acquire such a vessel, as we did in 1995 with
Tuiga, is to receive a piece of history and to take up the challenge of presenting it in the best possible condition to future generations.
One hundred vessels will be moored in
Port Hercule, with the presence of 50 traditional yachts, of which 15 are 100 years old, 12 period motor-yachts from 25 to 80 metres in length, 30 Rivas and 8 steamboats.

What activities are open to the public?

There will be numerous free activities on offer:

A yachting exhibition, with the notable presence of collectable cars and motorbikes, antique motorboats and two replicas of the Blériot XI;
The presence of three training ships (Sedov, the biggest in the world, Palinuro and Signora del Vento), vessels on which young sailors are trained and which also celebrate our maritime history;
Christenings at sea, on board Rivas and steamboats;
A maritime conference: ‘Tuiga and the 15 M JI’, on 16th September.
Finally, on the Day of the Centenary, Saturday the 19th September, there will be a parade of collectable cars, a photo marathon organised in collaboration with Fnac Monaco, a best-dressed competition in the port and the highly anticipated centenary regatta. The ensemble of crews will be in keeping with the era: a celebratory day, between elegance and tradition.

Will there be any commemorative activities to mark the occasion of Tuiga’s centenary?

Along with the stamp created by the Stamp Issue Office, an exclusive limited edition Hublot watch will be presented, as well as 500
Tuiga silk scarves produced by Hermès. The sales profits from these scarves will be donated to the Monegasque association, Orphans of the World, demonstrating that Tuiga, through its club of enthusiasts, Spirit of Tuiga, passes on timeless and unifying values which go well beyond the yachting world.
- The 11th Marathon of Monaco and the Riviera on Sunday 30th March
-Athletics : Herculis 2008, a final meeting in Monaco prior to the Olympics
-Davis Cup: Monaco faces South Africa in September on the courts of the Monte Carlo Country Club
-Herculis 2008: A photographic recap of the winners before the Beijing Olympics
-Tour de France to start in Monaco: press briefing
-The communication campaign “Monaco hosts the Tour" presented to the press
-"Three questions for Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Monaco Yacht Club"
-Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2009
-Female to sail the world solo flying the Monegasque colours
-Three questions for René Isoart, commissioner general of the Automobile Club
-Three questions to Didier Gamerdinger, Director General of the Department of the Interior
-"Three questions for Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Monaco Yacht Club"
-Monaco Half-Marathon and Monte Carlo 10 km
-Herculis 2010
-Herculis athletics meeting
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