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A symposium of scientists invited to Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum hosted the inaugural symposium of the GDRI (International Research Network) “Biodiversity of the Coral Reefs” run by the CNRS from 1st to 3rd September. The GDRI groups together the best teams concerned with coral from around the world. As Mr Serge Planes, Director of the GDRI pointed out “the context of this group of scientists shows our determination in implementing action for the management of the coral reefs through sustainable development". The goal of the meeting is to achieve a common research process so as to manage these fragile ecosystems more efficiently.

It would seem that close to two thirds of the coral reefs are threatened by the impact of the climate and economic development. They are exposed to the pressures of human activity such as overfishing, sediments related to deforestation and the discharge of fertilizer and chemicals. Coral reefs provide a home to over 30% of marine biodiversity and represent an essential source of income for over 500 million individuals across the globe.

The involvement of many well-known scientists from 7 nations is proof of the relevance of this meeting which is in line with the decision of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and the Government of Monaco to play an active role in the protection of fragile ecosystems.

It should be pointed out that the Oceanographic Museum was the first establishment to cultivate coral colonies.

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