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Electric vehicle test drives in Larvotto, from 16th to 18th September 2010

15-9-2010 -

As part of European Mobility Week, the Department of the Environment is inviting you to try out electric vehicles.

From Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th September, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. the Monaco City Council is making the vehicles available on the Larvotto Esplanade, on the Rose des Vents side, where the Association of Friends of the Electric Vehicle, Monaco Développement Durable and Monalec will be present alongside the Department of the Environment, to explain how these ecological vehicles work and testify as to their quality and value.

Everyone will have the chance to see that driving an electric vehicle is not just about respecting the environment. It is also another philosophy: “zen” driving. When driving an electric vehicle, drivers adopt a different type of behaviour. They become surprisingly mellow. When you are behind the steering wheel of an electric vehicle, everything is quiet, calm and peaceful” points out Sylvie Savoca, responsible for ecological vehicles at the Department of the Environment.

With the support of Auto Koncept, Be Power, Go Electric, Movelec, Newteon, SMEG and the Public Services, such as the Post Office and the Public Car Parks Department, several two and four-wheeled vehicles will be available, from the sports car (Tesla) to the smallest fun car (Gem, Estrima, Crossrider), and of course the family car (I-Miev).

Furthermore, the Monaco Bus Company is offering its power-assisted bikes, currently in a trial phase, and which should soon be available in the streets of the Principality.

Also as part of this special week focused on different modes of mobility, on 21st September, the Citroen Berlingo First Electric “Power by Venturi” will be showcased on the square in front of the Ministry of State.


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    European Mobility Week 2010, Electric vehicles on show in Larvotto from 16th to 18th September

    The Tesla Roadster is a sexy sports car that is totally electric. It is one of the best-selling electric cars, with approximately 1,000 models sold in 2009. The Tesla has achieved the remarkable feat of proving that an electric car can be of outstanding technical performance and achieve commercial success.

    The Tesla Roadster is powered by a 185kW (250 hp) electric engine fed by a lithium-ion battery offering the electric car a range of 350 km. The technical array of the Tesla Roadster enables it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds. This electric car, which is built on a chassis furnished by Lotus, can therefore compete with the top fuel-engine sports cars. The Tesla Roadster can reach a top speed of 200 km/h.

    A city and family car: the I-MiEV 100% electric, the i-MiEV is the most advanced of Mitsubishi Motors’ “eco-cars”. A “zero emission” car, running entirely on electricity and requiring no other source of energy other than an ordinary power socket, this city car can be “filled up” for just 2 euros!

    With a top speed of 140 km/h and a range of approximately 140 km, this electric 4-seater car is the ideal solution for small families making regular short-distant journeys.

    Rechargeable in only 30 minutes using a fast-charging station or in 5 to 7 hours at home, the range of this electric car is not a handicap for urban use.
    Equipped with a strong torque (47 kW power or 64 hp) and simple to handle, the car is very easy to drive and extremely user-friendly. Result: the extremely quiet interior environment makes you forget you are in town, with its generally tiring and noisy environment.

    The TAZZARI ZERO, a mini sports car! This is a new concept which combines performance with ecology. Its sports car soul and vivacity will give you the impression you are driving a go-kart, but without the noise...

    Completely electric, the TAZZARI ZERO is environmentally friendly. The chassis is in cast aluminium and produced in the Tazzari Group’s foundries. It is 100% recyclable and the lithium batteries can be recharged over and over again.

    A practical and fashionable electric car! The GEM, a trendy driving experience... Fun and electric... Two words that may seem contradictory at first. A new and enjoyable way of driving – original, intelligent and trendy. No vibration, no noise, no smell. It means living, travelling and working in fresh air and silence. The GEM offers a new outlook and new approach towards our environment. A new relationship is established between the driver, passengers, road, nature and other drivers. You will rediscover the pleasure of driving, courtesy and conviviality.

    These vehicles run without fuel, releasing no pollution. Whether you want to drive around the neighbourhood or take the children to school, the GEM is the ideal means of transportation, helping to make the world cleaner and your lifestyle healthier.

    The concept enables us to approach as closely as possible the environmental performance concept and at the same time reflects a positive and happy image.

    The Estrima 4kw – a practical solution! It is easy to handle and as practical as a scooter, as comfortable and safe as a car, as cost-effective and ecological as an electric vehicle. Four kilowatts of power, four wheel comfort, for an electrifying experience!

    Drive anywhere with the Cross Rider! Available with 2 or 4 seats, boasting L6E (no driving licence) European approval, this all-terrain vehicle is ideal for travelling to the mountains, beach, going hunting, as well as driving around town, driving to work or for leisure purposes.

    Capable of driving on inclines of over 45% with a full load, it is currently one of the strongest all- terrain vehicles that does not require a driving licence – and of course with no noise or CO2 emissions!

    The electric bike – noiseless, clean and cost-efficient! The Kosmob is a new solution for individual inner-urban travel: this small all-electric bike allows you to move around easily and in harmony with the environment.

    The rustling of the air, the lightness of the Kosmob and its ergonomics are new sources of driving sensations for all, the young and the not so young, men and women alike... To recharge the bike, you simply connect it to an electric socket or remove the battery and recharge it at home or in the office.

    At an affordable price, everyone can enjoy the benefits of eco-driving.
    Faced with urban congestion, the Kosmob lets you get about easily and in style.

    Capable of taking you right up to Cannes, the Vectrix, a 100% electric scooter, can hold its own against the traditional maxi scooter. It has an acceleration capacity that will take your breath away, cuts costs and is simple to maintain.

    Noiseless and 100% eco-friendly, it is recharged like a mobile phone, using an ordinary socket.

    Its innovative zero emission technology offers an ecological solution – not only is it a new scooter but also a new concept of freedom, a new style of driving marked by high performance and with no impact on the environment.
    Its maximum speed of 100km/h, its fast acceleration and its reverse gear make driving in traffic jams easier and safer. Its long range of up to 100 km ensures your everyday travel needs without a problem. Simple to use, it is fun and enjoyable to drive.

    And a two-wheeler: the MVLC, a scooter midway between the Kosmob and the Vectrix.
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