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PRINCE PIERRE OF MONACO FOUNDATION 60th anniversary of the Literary Award Press Release n°1


      Literary tea, Reading Marathon,
      Best Literary Review,
      Students’ Favourite
      and Young Musicians’ Favourite

      Organised as part of the Literary Award, of which we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary this year, and the Bourse de la Découverte, the main purpose of the Reading Marathon is to get the public involved in the Foundation’s activities within the literary field.

      From 22nd June to 27th August, readers belonging to multimedia libraries in the region were asked to read books selected by the members of the Foundation’s Literary Council to take part in the Literary Award and Bourse de la Découverte and share their reading impressions using the questionnaires distributed to them.

      As last year, the best two literary reviews, written by readers, will be awarded a prize. The winners will be invited to take part in the award ceremony, as well as the Foundation’s cocktail buffet on Tuesday 4th October in Monaco and will receive a gift voucher to buy books.

      Again as part of the Reading Marathon, the Prince Pierre Foundation will give readers the opportunity to meet up around a literary tea at 5 p.m. on 21st September at the Louis Notari Library for a special moment to exchange views on and discuss books selected by the Jury.

      Another highlight of the Marathon will be the meeting with authors taking part in the Bourse de la Découverte at 3 p.m.on Monday 3rd October at the Louis Notari Library.

      The Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation’s Literary Council selected the following winners. The results were published on 18th May.

      Writers selected for the Literary Award:

      Pierre ASSOULINE – Vies de Job
      Emmanuel CARRÈRE - D’autres vies que la mienne
      Nancy HUSTON - Infrarouge
      Jean-Paul KAUFFMANN - Courlande

      Writers selected for the “Bourse de la Découverte”

      Véronique BIEFNOT – Comme des larmes sous la pluie
      Hélène GREMILLON – Le confident
      Frédéric GRUET – L’art de creuser un trou
      Thomas HEAMS-OGUS – Cent Seize Chinois et quelques
      Emmanuel SABATIE – Je ne vous oublie pas
      Secondary Students’ Favourite

      Created in 2007, in cooperation with the Office of National Education, Youth and Sports, this prize is awarded by secondary school students in the Principality from a selection of books meeting the same criteria as those for the Bourse de la Découverte.
      The Students’ Favourite award, kindly provided by the Société de Gestion des Droits d’Auteur (SO.GE.D.A.) will be presented on 4th October during the Prince Pierre Foundation’s ceremony naming the winners.

      Carmen BRAMLY – Pastel Fauve
      Marie BURIGAT – La vie en Rosalie
      Noémie de LAPPARENT – Bons baisers de la montagne
      Hélène GREMILLON – Le confident
      Judith PERRIGNON – Les chagrins

      The Young Musicians’ Favourite

      A new award has been created this year: the Young Musicians’ Favourite. In cooperation with the Academy of Music and the Prince Rainier III of Monaco Theatre, the prize is in keeping with the Prince Pierre Foundation's wishes to continue its action to promote musical creativity.
      Students from a foundation course or musical training specialisation course, as well as those attending electro-acoustic classes, listened to and worked on 4 of the works from the Musical Jury’s programme. This award will also be presented on 4th October.
      More than just a prize, the Young Musicians’ Favourite also involves a real training project. In the year following his/her promulgation, the winner is invited to reside at the Academy of Music of Monaco. Students work on an original work or rewritten specifically for them together with the composer.

      The Prince Pierre Foundation award winners will be announced
      at 8 p.m. on Tuesday 4th October 2011 in the Salle Garnier.

      Find out all the latest news of the Prince Pierre Foundation on: www.fondationprincepierre.mc
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