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3 questions to Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show


The Monaco Yacht Show is a world leader on the international yachting scene. What assets do you have to attract such a top level clientele?

We are committed to the quality of the 500 exhibitors whose business must be closely linked to the large yacht or luxury yachting sector with a solid list of clients. The MYS is unique because it caters only for superyachts. Over 50% of the boats on show are less than two years old and 65% are over 40 metres.

A large scale media strategy means we are able to attract and gain the loyalty of an upmarket clientele through 150 advertisement placements in all the most important yachting titles, and more generalist publications, supported by a great deal of press coverage.

The MYS also has its own marketing support material, for example its summer magazine which is distributed to all the superyachts, particularly in the Mediterranean and in luxury hotels in the Principality. The website has been totally revamped this year with a new design and interactive features to ensure rapid and easy access to the information (916,300 pages viewed / 237,000 visits between January 2009 and June 2010).

It is also about the quality of the service and the meticulous organisation of an event which is so overwhelmingly favoured by its customers. Together they justify the position of the MYS today and attract this exceptional clientele.

What are the knock-on effects of the Monaco Yacht Show for the Principality – can you give us some figures?

The MYS brings enormous benefits to the Principality, both economically and in terms of the profile:
- hotels are nearly always fully booked with a high average spend per client.
- the presence of extremely wealthy customers attending the many parties and cocktails (50 are scheduled for 2010) organised by the exhibitors at prestigious venues in Monaco is a boon.
- more than 50 service providers, mainly Monegasques, are employed.
- and there is extensive coverage in the international press.

The MYS is an ambassador for luxury yachting but also for the Principality – you will notice that the words ‘One Destination – Monte Carlo’ are integrated into all the show’s double-page adverts. Also in the last few years many of the big yachting groups have set up offices here in Monaco which is considered by many to be the world capital of luxury yachting, a status confirmed by the Monaco Yacht Show.

With your appointment as Managing Director will there be any changes to the way the show is organised – what are your projects?

It is a more a change in continuity. As has been the case for many years, we are here to serve a prestigious event which is of great interest to many. Any changes or innovations are part of the Monaco Yacht Show’s DNA and reflect what the market expects and our desire to pursue excellence so that the MYS remains the world leader of luxury boat shows.

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