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The new Charles III secondary school to be built close to the place du Canton

23/07/2008 -

The urbanisation of the land used by the former railway track is still under review by the Prince’s Government. Following the construction of state housing in the Aureglia and Castelleretto blocks, the Prince Pierre, Rainier III, Canton, Pasteur and Charles III blocks are now being developed, the trends of which are gradually emerging

Where the old station used to stand on the Prince Pierre block, construction work will begin at the end of 2008 for Monaco’s new technical and hotel school which will accommodate 600 students.

As for the Rainier III block, covering the space between Boulevard Rainier III, the hotel Terminus and rue de la Colle, the building of approximately 230 state buildings and a shopping area on the ground floor is being considered, as a link between the Condamine district and the Fontvieille shopping centre. Offices in the state sector will also be available in this complex.

Extending from this area, the Canton block which runs alongside the square of the same name, will house a communal services complex, currently under consideration with the Monaco City Council. This should include the future educational media centre, a crèche and new premises for the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Plastiques (Plastic Arts College).

Continuing westwards, the new Charles III School accommodating 1 500 pupils will be erected on the Pasteur block. The political decision for the school's construction has been made; it is now only a question of carrying out an in-depth study vis-à-vis the programme, i.e. define in every detail the interior and exterior spaces of the building and its contents (classrooms, offices, related premises, recreation area, etc.), in close co-operation between the Departments, Divisions and Services concerned.

The Charles III block, the last still under review is situated between the Pasteur block and the western border of the Principality, for which spaces and premises for economic activities are still being considered.

The construction of the Technical and Hotel School on the Prince Pierre block and the Charles III School on the Pasteur block will enable the Annonciade area to be cleared, with the prospect of turning the space concerned into a business and housing area. This will be achieved initially by the construction of a 49-storey tower block, defined by a Sovereign Order in June 2006, which will enable the construction of luxury private apartments, state housing, as well as offices which are needed to ensure the economic development of the Principality.

Later, thought will be given to the development of the Annonciade area once the school complex has been moved.

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