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Test your “general knowledge” thanks to "Questions pour un Champion"

24/11/2006 -

If you think your general knowledge is quite good and you have two or three hours to spare on Monday 27th November from 6 p.m., come along and take part in France 3’s TV programme "Questions pour un Champion", in the “Salle du Canton-Espace polyvalent”.

This will be a first: Christine Grenier, in charge of the show’s "candidates", has managed to set up a selection test in the Principality whereas until now, this has always taken place once or twice a year in Nice. "I myself come from these parts and thought that it was about time we broke the mould and let Monegasque candidates have a go”, says Christine Grenier. In choosing Monaco, the young woman also hopes that candidates from Menton and Roquebrune will put themselves forward, without of course discouraging any applicants from Nice.

The only thing you need to take part in the selection test is a pen and a sturdy writing pad. As for the rest, the evening will consist of three parts: an initial eliminatory round with a written general knowledge questionnaire, a second round based on the same principle (50 questions for each round), and finally, for the luckiest participants (generally between 20 and 40 people), an interview with the selection team to assess the profile, interests and motivations of potential contestants.

Once selected, candidates are liable to be invited to take part in «Questions pour un champion » within the next two years (travel expenses and accommodation in Paris will be covered) and will be notified a month in advance.

The “Questions pour un Champion » team (except for Julien Lepars who is unable to be there) will be expecting you on Monday 27th November at 6 p.m. sharp, with the motto of the day, according to Christine Grenier, "have fun, test your knowledge and perhaps even get chosen!".

Salle du Canton-Espace polyvalent
Terrasses de Fontvieille, 24-25, avenue Albert II

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