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The "Mardis du Cinéma” pay tribute to the beauty of the world


“Talking, singing and painting the beauty of the world is to bring out the most secret affinities of the mind and the object, to give free rein to the visible unity of nature” express Vincent Vatrican and Jacques Kernabon in their editorial.

From Mr Hulot, in search of natural contact with things and beings, through to Jean-Daniel Pollet uncovering from one season to the next the simple magic of being there, and the Taviani brothers who, through a selection of tales, express their love of Sicily, the highly diverse programme brings us to admire the beauty of nature, beings and things. We are introduced to young directors, such as Sergueï Dvortsevoy, who take us to the deepest steppe of Kazakhstan and Thierry Knauff whose films are inspired from musical works. The great masters of classical cinema have not been forgotten: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Jean Renoir, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa. Authors including Jean Vigo, Abbas Kiarostami, Nicholas Ray, Souleymane Cissé, Eric Rohmer and Takeshi Kitano also provide us with their vision of beauty.

A beautiful season not to be missed.

Upcoming films :

-Sunday 28th September 2008, Monaco’s Heritage Day honouring science
-The Grimaldi Forum Monaco unveils its programme for the first half of 2009
-The Mediterranean in the spotlight, Quai Antoine I exhibition hall
-Stars from the 60s on display in the Grande Verrière at the Grimaldi Forum
-Three questions for Claire Breuvart-Kreidel, President of the International Cinema and Literature Forum
-Secondary school students are learning the “pitch” technique with the writer Philippe Besson and scriptwriter François Dupeyron.
-Monaco celebrates Akira Kurosawa’s centenary anniversary
-Festival of sacred music at Monaco Cathedral
-A Monegasque artist at the Venice Biennale
-Street art, circus art: Fort Antoine is back in town
-The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra's season
-3 questions to Catherine Alestchenkoff, Grimaldi Forum Director of cultural events
-Three questions to Yakov Kreizberg, Artistic and Musical Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte Carlo
-Necklaces in the trees
-An astounding exhibition at Villa Sauber
-The “Splendours of the Romanovs” - a success with visitors
-A stage curtain painted by Picasso on display in the Salle des Arts at the Sporting d’Hiver
-The Bible, humanity heritage
-A rich and varied programme at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco for the second half 2009
-3 questions for Jean-Charles CURAU Director of Cultural Matters
-Su-Mei Tse - International Contemporary Art Price of the Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation,
-The "Mardis du Cinéma” pay tribute to the beauty of the world
-3 questions for Jean-Louis Grinda, Director of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo
-Three questions to Jean-Christophe Maillot, choreografic director of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo
-Monaco Dance Forum – let the party begin!
-Three questions for Marc Monnet, Artistic Director of the Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo
-The Eccentric 308 GTS of Bertrand Lavier exposed in Villa sauber
-Three questions for Catherine Alestchenkoff, Cultural Events Director at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco
-Three questions for Olivier Vernet, Artistic Director of the International Organ Festival organised by the Cultural Affairs Department
-Villa Paloma has just opened its doors
-Cornucopia - Evening at Museum
-Three questions for Marie-Claude Beaud, Director of the New National Museum of Monaco
-Three questions for Jean-Louis Grinda, Director of the Monte Carlo Opera
-3 questions for Marie-Claude Beaud, Director of the New Monaco National Museum
-Oceanomania - Exhibition at Villa Paloma and Oceanographic Museum
-Three questions to Jean-Christophe Maillot Director of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo
-The Principality of Monaco’s Office of Cultural Affairs has just announced the programme for the summer season
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