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Action by the Department of Urban Planning: in July and August

Friday, 24th July 2009-

There is no respite for the Department of Urban Planning either in July or August. Below is an overview of the action undertaken:

In early August, the roundabout at the crossroads between boulevard de Belgique and rue Plati will be opened

As part of the building developments in boulevard de Belgique (crèche and school) and avenue Crovetto Frères (construction of Residence Athena – 4 state apartment blocks), it was considered it would be appropriate to make it easier for vehicles to turn into rue Plati as they drive from avenue Pasteur. As such, the Department of Urban Planning has built a roundabout at this junction which will be operational as from Friday 7th August 2009. Consequently, drivers from the C.H.P.G. will use the roundabout to head towards rue Plati. It should also be noted that the pavement at the bottom of boulevard de Belgique, opposite the school, will be removed.

Completion of roadworks in avenue Crovetto Frères

Over the past few weeks, the Department of Urban Planning has been carrying out the final roadworks in avenue Crovetto Frères including repairing and widening the pavements, redoing the surface on the little square in front of Saint Martin’s Church and creating parking spaces. When finished, the area will include fifty or so parking spaces for two-wheel vehicles, i.e. twenty more compared to previously, as well as 16 (2 of which are reserved for the disabled) of the 18 pre-existing pay-and-display spaces, 2 “drop-off” spaces and 12.5 m of space for delivery vans.
All the work, including the bus stop, will be completed during August.

Roadworks in avenue Crovetto Frères- copyright DEEU

Therefore, after work lasting for five years which has resulted in the construction of the Athéna state housing residence, the last section of which has just been allocated, and the various roadworks, which is always a very difficult experience for residents, rue Crovetto Frères will at last be calm again. The result is an undeniable improvement to this district of the Principality, with its pedestrian zone (including a mechanical link connecting it to boulevard de Belgique) and its public highway areas.

Facilities for the bus boat, Quai Rainier I grand Amiral de France

In order to make it easier for tourists and other users to get to the electric bus boat, which crosses Port Hercule from the chicane on Quai des Etats-Unis and Quai Rainier I Grand Amiral de France, the SDAU will be installing appropriate signposting from quai Antoine I and the esplanade des Pêcheurs during August. In addition, the surroundings will be made more attractive by a high-quality covering of the boarding around the worksite in the port as well as the installation of shelters in the public waiting area for protection against the rain and the sun.

Trees in avenue Pasteur moved

As part of the restructuring work at the C.H.P.G. the buildings in avenue Pasteur opposite the hospital are to be demolished.
During the summer, palm trees will be recovered and replanted in avenue de l’Annonciade. At the beginning of 2010, olive trees that are several hundred years old, will also be recovered and replanted in various green spaces in the Principality. Three trees will be replanted on the roundabout between boulevard de Belgique and rue Plati which is currently being completed.

The Canton Nitida Ficus moved to the roundabout bd d’Italie / lacets Saint Léon

As part of the development to the land abandoned by the SNCF, the Canton roundabout at the junction between avenue de Fontvieille / boulevard Charles III / rue de la Colle will undergo modifications so that an underground link with boulevard du Larvotto is created. On this occasion, the Nitida Ficus planted in the middle of the roundabout will be moved in August 2009 under the supervision of the Department of Urban Planning in coordination with the Department of Public Works and will be replanted on the roundabout currently being created at the junction between boulevard d’Italie / lacets Saint Léon / avenue de l’Annonciade.
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