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General Presentation


The Principality of Monaco, a small area of 200 ha, lies between France and the Mediterranean sea. Spread out along a narrow, four-kilometre-strip, bounded by the mountainous foothills of the Tête de Chien and the Mont-Agel. Monaco constitutes a single commune whose boundaries blend into those of its larger neighbour.

Monaco is composed of five neighbourhoods:

· Monaco-Ville: the Principality’s historic seat which dominates the town from the Rock;
· Monte-Carlo: founded in 1866, during the reign of Prince Charles III, this area is built around the Casino;
· La Condamine: the area surrounding the Port Hercule;
· Fontvieille: this new, eco-friendly industrial area built on land reclaimed from the sea boasts an urban complex, tourist attractions, sports facilities and marina;
· Les Moneghetti : the area around the Jardin Exotique....
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