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Two questions for Guillaume Pannaud, Chairman of TBWA Paris


      What are the objectives for this campaign?

      I would like to highlight that this communications campaign, which is a first of its kind for a State, aims to change the perception of Monaco among business leaders, French opinion formers and more widely on a global level.

      Throughout 2009, quantitative and qualitative surveys on the image that the Principality has both at home and abroad were conducted among the various target groups. This preparatory work was essential. Subsequently we consulted internationally renowned marketing and communication agencies to produce the visuals.

      A jury chaired by HE Mr Michel Roger met and unanimously adopted the proposals put forward by the TBWA Paris agency. This proposal met the objectives set by the Sovereign Prince who gave his approval as the final step.

      Why the choice of these designs?

      This is a campaign centred on evidence. The campaign’s visuals depict the various contributions the Monegasque state makes in an international environment. It reveals what is particular about Monaco’s identity by determining points of view and the ways in which it acts: by virtue of its singular location for example it has a special relationship with the environment, from its unusual population emerges a particular type of commitment to the arts and culture, from its governance follows a model of a society apart, one that plays a special role.
      Hence the campaign’s signature: “The Principality of Monaco, playing a special role in the world”. And as all States are defined first of all by their borders, the creative principle was to set the scene using a map of the Principality of Monaco.
      Creating a signature for the State will help us in the second phase to converge the various communication strategies of the different public and private entities in the Principality. The visuals selected meet the objectives for positioning the image of Monaco.
      It is Monaco’s unique contribution, in the economic, cultural, environmental, societal and humanitarian domains, that the campaign is going to reveal with ten advertisements in the press and via the internet. The realities of the Principality will be better understood and appreciated.

      Read more about the campaign on the Internet: www.unroleapartdanslemonde.mc

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