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Renovated Salle du Ponant


On Tuesday 1st March 2011, H.E. Mr Michel Roger, Minister of State, accompanied by Mr Paul Masseron, Minister of the Interior, and Ms Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Facilities, the Environment and Urban Planning, visited the newly renovated Salle du Ponant located in the International Meeting Centre, 12 avenue d’Ostende.

Mr Jean-François Robillon, President of the National Council, Mr Jean-Charles Curau, Director of Cultural Affairs and Mr Claude Boffa, Head of the State Buildings Services, were also in attendance.

The renovation work to the Salle du Ponant, carried out in 2010 by the State Building Services, involved paintwork, new wall fabrics and floor coverings, as well as bringing the contingency plan into compliance. The stage machinery and dressing rooms have been completely renovated; the stage curtains have been replaced.

The State is covering the total cost of the work, amounting to 550,000 € inclusive of VAT.
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