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Monaco Info on line

The only cable channel to broadcast local news

The first Monegasque cable channel was created in 1996 under the name of "Monaco à la Une".

In 2003, it changed name and became Monaco Info.

« Monaco Info » is a television programme produced by the Press Centre, a government service attached to the Minister of State. It is a medium for promoting and communicating information from the government and events linked to Monaco.

The role of Monaco Info is to provide quality information on the Principality, local life, and cultural, sporting and economic initiatives.

The programmes are composed of a daily news transmission, broadcast at several times.

It is broadcast for the first time every evening at 7.30pm, and then repeated at 10.30pm, 7.30am, 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm, and 5pm.
Programmes in English and Italian are broadcast on Saturdays, showing the week’s main news. On Sundays, the news is presented in the form of “best of” reports.

During certain big events (National Day, Formula 1Grand Prix, Rally, Tennis, Mare Nostrum, Imagina, TV Festival), Monaco Info reinforces its presence and broadcasts live.
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